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We’re here to capture
a party so
big it’ll
go down
in history

the camera is there


have a good time with the people you love

Your wedding is not the time to feel self-conscious in front of the camera. It’s about having the best day with the ones you love. We want you to be present in the moment so you can let loose, celebrate, and take in all of the day’s emotions. To get you there, we’re all about preparing every detail ahead of time and getting to know each other so you’re comfortable with us (kinda) crashing your wedding. We’re down to document you and your new spouse as you truly are - in love, tons of fun, and maybe a little tipsy. We promise those will be the photos that make you laugh, smile, and bring you back to that moment years down the road.

let me see the deets

we care about the bride and the groom

(no, really)

both of you deserve to be celebrated

As a husband and wife team, we’re devoted to giving both you and your partner time in the spotlight on your wedding day. We love getting to work together on the daily, and there’s no “second shooter” mentality around here. As equal partners in life and in work, we like to give that same experience to you, our couples. We’re big believers that two soon-to-be spouses need hyping up, two families need celebrating, and two wedding party groups need to take some shots (or sip mimosas). We want your time with us to be fun and engaging, and make you feel like we’re telling your story to the fullest. 

It all started with a job offer that never came through

we ended up exactly where we're meant to be

We moved to Texas in 2014 for a job offer that never came (womp womp). It was at that moment that we decided we no longer wanted to live on someone else’s schedule and decided to take our photography hobby full-time. We already had the passion for it, and figured it was finally the right time to take the leap. We champion marriage and love love (cheesy, but true) so wedding photography felt like the perfect fit for us and our family. Now, we pride ourselves on taking badass photos of your best day and love to capture all of the silliness, nerves, and overwhelming joy. It’s what we’re meant to do, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

let's spill

the sweet tea

After years of photographing weddings, we’ve got some opinions. You might love ‘em or hate ‘em, but we’re sticking by every single one.

here goes nothing.

wil's hot takes

Let’s be honest - they’re completely unrealistic. And we resent that they make kickass couples feel like their wedding isn’t enough. All styled shoots have a full team to maintain the ~aesthetics~ and that’s not where your focus should be on your big day. We want you to have fun and focus on your love, not your candles blowing out for the third time. 

Bridesmaids' first looks come off a bit fake. And that’s because they usually are. So let’s skip over telling your girls to act super surprised because we all know you showed them photos of your dress like a year ago. I said what I said. 

No one wants to watch the garter toss. It’s awkward for everyone involved, and every time we hear Pony by Ginuwine start to play we know it’s coming. Please stop. 

Instagram aesthetic isn’t the gold standard of photography. It’s too filtered, overly edited, and everyone knows (hopefully) that it’s not real-life. We’re all about real moments, not staged poses. And, there’s a 100% chance that it’ll look outdated and cringey down the road. 

This might seem obvious, but marriages are between two people. Anyone who treats the wedding like a one-person show probably needs to check themselves before they wreck themselves (and their own relationship). 

I’m hard-pressed to believe that someone taking a quick cell phone photo is ruining anything at your wedding. I just move my feet to get them out of the shot, I don’t yell at them to put their phone away. The guests who are snappin’ pics are just trying to capture memories of people they love (AKA, you!), and I think we should just let ‘em have it. 

Some wedding photographers seem to think their photos belong in the Louvre, but I’m under no illusion that I should be up there with Picasso and Rembrandt. I’m informed by art, but I’m not an artist. I like to think of myself as a craftsman who’s honed his skills over the years and has great technical knowledge to take the photos that YOU want. 

the values

we live by

be curious

Curiosity is so important because it keeps us growing no matter what. We love asking questions and getting to know you on a personal level before your wedding. We’re always looking for new ways to photograph venues so you get unique, creative photos. We’re lifelong learners and always want to keep it fresh.

it's just how we roll

work hard, play hard

We love to be prepared and will even go a little overboard to make sure that everyone can relax and be present in the moment on the big day. It’s so important to trust that you’ve given the work your all and can turn your focus to soaking it all in and enjoying every minute when the time comes.

get in the action

Us on the sidelines? No way, no how! We like to get right in there and take a very hands-on approach with all of our couples. We want to be fully involved in your wedding day and truly care about giving you the best experience (and photos) possible.

keep it fun

This one really speaks for itself, but here’s the gist - never take life too seriously. We’ll always do our best to keep things fun and remind you that this is a celebration! No stress, no worry, just good vibes all around.

celebrate endlessly

You know what’s even better than having the best wedding celebration ever? Having tangible keepsakes that you can hold onto forever. It’s the photos that you’ll go back to over and over, and every time you take a look, you’ll celebrate your love and your marriage. It’s all about keeping the magic alive, and having epic photos of your “I do’s” will help you do just that.

The Ramseys were by far our most favorite vendor we utilized for our wedding.

From the very first meeting, Paige and Wil were so friendly and warm, and we knew we wanted them to do our wedding photography. They do AMAZING work and are professional, personable, and made everyone feel comfortable. They honestly made the process FUN. I definitely recommend them to anyone who is getting married. We will treasure the wonderful photos they captured for the rest of our lives.

- alex + caroline

our wedding

would not have been

the same without them

I would HIGHLY recommend Paige and Wil!! My husband and I first met them back in 2019 and they were amazing from the start.
We will truly never forget how encouraging and supportive both Wil and Paige were while navigating wedding planning. They are some of the most genuine people we have ever met. They really know how to capture the moment. You can feel all of the emotions in their photographs.

- hannah + steven

paige and wil were

such a joy to work with

We stumbled upon their work on Instagram, and loved how they genuinely captured each individual couple, and they still exceeded our expectations. They made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera, and captured our day so authentically. They were so thoughtful in their interactions and in the moments that they captured. We loved working with both of them, and can’t say enough great things about them and their work. These are exactly the photos we want to look back on forever.”

- colin + ellen

the ramseys helped me forget the camera was there and just spend time with the people I love

Wil and Paige are incredible. Their easygoing personalities, great senses of humor, and unbelievable talent made working with them a true joy! Our engagement shoot was fun and creative, with Wil engaging us in conversation the entire time. He went above and beyond to get every shot, even (accidentally) sitting in a fountain. He captured candids that actually look good—a miracle! We met again right before the wedding and and they made sure they knew exactly what we wanted. Our wedding day was even better. 

- ian + allie

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